EDUCATING FOR AND WITH THE CITY - Bilbao, December 18-19

The aim of this event is to debate on the relationship that the university should have for and with the community around it. Universities and the cities/towns in which they reside should become dance partners without stepping on each other´s toes. This twosome needs to align priorities, cultivate a strong relationship, optimize human, capital and financial resources and maximize both learning and life. In other words, what we seek in this academic event is to explore options for positive town-gown practices, with an emphasis on Zorrotzaurre/Bilbao (The Basque Country). 

This event is not accidental; in fact, it aims to be the kicking-off of a new degree that will be launched by Mondragon University in 2020-2021, Global Digital Humanities (HDG), in its new campus in Bilbao.

Venue: Bilbao Berrikuntza Faktoria (BBF) - Uribitarte Kalea 6, Bilbao - Main hall (aretoa)


Aitor Zuberogoitia

Monika Madinabeitia



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